Some Key Accomplishments:

  • Raised over $150,000 for various education, promotion and collection initiatives
  • Obtained official Charitable Tax status
  • Purchased several OPP artifacts that would have been otherwise lost, including the police vessel Temagami
  • Sponsored the major restoration of the Museum’s 1931 Henderson motorcycle, the oldest known OPP vehicle. Click here for more of the story.
  • Invested in and distributed a variety of educational items to highlight OPP Museum exhibits and OPP history and encourage visitation that have been distributed all over the province
  • Purchased support materials for artifacts and the Museum’s children’s area
  • jointly published the highly successful Mush! Dining on the go in Northern Ontario commemorative cookbook as part of the OPP’s 100th anniversary celebration
  • Digitally restored 14 vintage OPP and community safety films
  • Promoted cultural and educational activities that increase public awareness of the importance of The OPP Museum
  • Supported the acquisition of rare or unique artifacts not otherwise available to the Museum through donation
  • Supported outreach programs, such as Arresting Images, a high quality travelling exhibit, so the OPP’s past can be shared throughout the province and beyond
  • Supported the Museum in its goals to be a viable and recognized part of provincial heritage & tourism networks
  • Connected people from around the province dedicated to recognizing the contributions of the uniform and civilian members of the OPP
  • Helped establish a solid base of financial support for the Museum

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