Board of Directors

Board Executive

President Matt Eade 2016 – 2019
Vice President Peter McGuinness 2018 – 2021
Secretary Judi Armstrong 2017 – 2020
Treasurer Ted McCollum 2018 – 2020
Past President Dave Osborne 2018 – 2019

Board Directors

Director Angie Stirk 2016 – 2019
Thomas Cull 2017 – 2020
Sherri deGroot 2018 – 2020
Eric Hatfield 2018 – 2021
Director Lisa Darling (COA Representative) 2017 – present

OPP Staff Partners and Previous Board Members

Honorary Chair J.V.N. (Vince) Hawkes
OPP Commissioner
Honorary Director Superintendent Stephanie Patterson
Corporate Communications & Strategy Management Bureau
Honorary Director Christine (Chris) Johnstone
Museum Curator
OPP Museum Liaison Officer
Honorary Director Nancy Merriman
Manager, Communications Support Unit
Corporate Communications Representative
Previous Presidents Dave Osborne (2014-2017)

Pat Bromley (2012-2014)

Norm Feaver (2011-2012)

Doug Cole (2009-2011)

Dorothy Duncan (2008-2009)

Sandra Stanton (2008)

Previous Honorary Chairs Chris Lewis, OPP Commissioner (retired) (2010-2014)

Julian Fantino, OPP Commissioner (retired) (2008-2010)

Previous Board Members Paul Delaney, Paul Laing, Rod Williams, Linda Rodenburg, Rae Fleming, Bruce Waite, Angie Howe, Dorothy Duncan, Sandy Thomas, Dave Truax, Sandra Stanton, Norm Feaver, Terry Hehn, Doug Cole, Pat Bromley, Bernie Murphy, Len Aitchison, Lori Doonan, Cathy Bell
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