Heritage Award

Heritage Award

The Friends of The OPP Museum annual Heritage Award program recognizes individuals for their non-fiction research and writing that adds substantially to the knowledge and celebration of the Ontario Provincial Police.

The Heritage Award is non-monetary and is presented to the recipient by the OPP Commissioner at an OPP Regional Awards Ceremony, where special attention and recognition can be accorded to the author’s work. One award is presented annually, but, if circumstances warrant it, a second award may be presented in the same year.

Friends of the OPP Museum President states, “It has been our honour to recognize such notable and important contributions to the research and recording of OPP history. If you know someone who has researched our history, or who has stories to tell, and perhaps has already recorded them, please have them contact us. Please help us identify these people so we can duly recognize and honour them.”

Key Selection Criteria:

  • Impact and contribution of the work to the preservation and/or promotion of OPP’s Heritage.
  • Quality of time, effort and writing.
  • Depth and breadth of research techniques.

Key Eligibility Information:

  • Persons nominated must be living at the time of the submission.
  • Work does not have to be published or completed for consideration.
  • Work includes books, research papers, thesis, essays, research databases, and newspaper/magazine/journal publications.
  • Work does not have to be historic in nature. It may be about current OPP operations that will have long-term significance in the evolving story of the OPP. 
  • Fictional work is not eligible.
  • Work by single or multiple authors will be considered; however, only one award will be presented. 
  • Multiple works by the same author will be considered, provided each piece is distinctive.
  • No Friends’ Board members, staff or existing Museum staff are eligible to receive a Friends of The OPP Museum Heritage Award. Also, any individual whose paid job function was to conduct research or write products about the OPP that would otherwise be eligible at the time the work was completed is not eligible to receive this award.
  • Evidence of plagiarism will result in automatic disqualification.


  • Self-nominations are accepted.
  • Nominators MUST secure permission from the nominee prior to submission.
  • Previous recipients of the award may be nominated again; however, the work must be new.
  • Nominations are not held from year to year.
  • Anonymous nominations will not be accepted.

Nomination Process:

  • Nominator(s) must submit one completed Nomination Form and three (3) Letters of Support by the submission date MARCH 31.
  • Nomination form is to be one (1) page maximum, outlining why the work should be considered.
  • Letters of Support are to outline why the nominee’s contribution meets the award criteria and the impact on the preservation of the OPP history. 
  • Nominator(s) MUST contact Friends of The OPP Museum to ensure they have access to a copy of the nominated work and if not, the nominator MUST make one (1) copy available by the submission due date.


Forward the completed nomination package:

By Mail :Friends of The OPP Museum, Heritage Awards Committee, c/o OPP Shop, 777 Memorial Ave, Orillia, ON  L3V 7V3

By email to: support@oppmuseumfriends.ca

If you have any questions please call: 705-330-4178


  • Works submitted, remain the property of their respective authors. However, Friends reserves the right to promote or recognize publicly the submitted material. That is, where applicable, the author agrees to permit Friends to publish the work in whole or in part in a Friends newsletter (or special Heritage Awards publication) for the purpose of promoting the Award/author’s contribution to the preservation of OPP history. 
  • A copy of the work must be made available for the long-term use of OPP Museum staff. All nominated works are, by virtue of submission, provided freely for use by the OPP and its representatives for displays, education programming, research etc. with the provision that proper credit and citation will be provided to the author/creator for all public uses (defined within the Copyright Act).
  • All submissions are kept on file in The OPP Museum.

Nomination Forms

Nomination Form

Letter of Support Template

Previous Award Recipients

Sergeant (ret.) Bill Lee

Commissioner Thomas Carrique, Sgt. (retired) Bill Lee, FOPPM (Past) President Matt Eade, Deputy Commissioner Rose DiMarco

Bonnie Lachappelle

Commissioner Vince Hawkes, Bonnie Lachapelle, OPP Museum Curator Chris Johnstone, FOPPM (Past) President Dave Osborne

Kate Lines

Senior Const. (retired) Sue Lloyd, Chief Supt. (retired) Kate Lines, Commissioner Vince Hawkes, OPP Museum Curator Chris Johnstone, FOPPM (Past) President Dave Osborne

Henry Kostuck

Chief Supt. (retired) Henry Kostuck, Commissioner Vince Hawkes, Monique Kostuck (spouse), Diane Kostuck (daughter)

Andy Maksymchuk & Michael Barnes

Commissioner Vince Hawkes, Inspector (retired) Andy Maksymchuk, OPP Museum Curator Chris Johnstone, FOPPM Director Debbie Sokoloskie

Commissioner Vince Hawkes, Michael Barnes, Inspector (retired) Robin McEachern

Eric Booth & Jim Watt

FOPPM (Past) President Dave Osborne, Prov. Const. Eric Booth, Commissioner Vince Hawkes

FOPPM (Past) President Doug Cole, Jim Watt, Commissioner Vince Hawkes